Public Relations

Spreading the right word with the opinion leaders, target audience and media and making a sure footed favorable image of your company. Our team endorses magnificent amount of knowledge to make your relations with its clients, media, partners and other associates better and stronger through solid execution of the beneficial plans and projects.

The professional maintenance to any damage on company’s positive image or cultivation of a fresh one is what we serve at The Publicity Dude.

Content Marketing

Content which is analytic, authentic, thought fed and well planned to strike the right cord of the readers to gain the maximum outreach.

Our team of writers are well equipped with right material, words from famous contributors and influencers who has set benchmark in their own fields, critical and marketable writing style and everything that is required to ace at this very effective approach towards the market to reach, interact and follow up with the targeted clients.

Digital Marketing

We believe in getting the most out of micro-moments, be it any platform. Digitalization is something you’d never want to neglect. Digital marketing has proved itself in every ways but can only be a holy grail if not worked upon perfectly. The Publicity Dude has their skilled hand on this source of marketing too.

Brand Positioning/ Marketing

To be unique in your kinds is what brings out the best in you and positioning your brand on the right place is our assurance to you.

Brand positioning requires a straight planned strategy and minds full of innovation and creativity. The Publicity Dude will ensure that the cups of coffee over these discussions will never be regretted.

Corporate Communication

Correct dissemination of the information across the related people to build strong communication bridge and reputation of your company is what a team of corporate communicators to.

A major constitute of a successful venture calls for a continuous and progressive exchange of opinions, updates, details, etc; internally as well as externally and not bragging, we can do it better than anyone else.

Influencer Marketing

We make sure that the influencer’s reach, relevance and resonance are always appropriate for your brand to ensure a perfect influencer marketing to you.

Influencer marketing is something very conventional yet not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s vital that your audience relate themselves with the given influencer and to find the most suitable one following the pitching with the clients is what The publicity Dude is good at.


We also cater all sorts of corporate events, organize various campaigns and sessions to make sure that your company has an active role in the market as well as within the public. Our team of enthusiasts has good experience, networks all across the industries and ensures a hassle free event marked with a better outreach